Wooden Wall Panels for Traditional Timber House Concept

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Large and wide tracts of land with sufficient buildings and yard are very important, such as in this timber house that have adequate yard and house building with its wooden wall panels. Klagenfurt weather is very friendly for this house; moreover the yard is planted with green grasses. On the outside of the house there is also a refreshing green landscape of large and lush trees. Beautiful atmosphere make this house very welcome and pleasant place to stay in a long time.

Shades of green scenery and fulfill all over the house and surrounding it. This area is certainly far from the crowds and noise of the city and the streets. With a quiet atmosphere supported by simple timber house building with the wooden wall panels which made it very natural and blend with the nearby environment. The house building is almost everything even possibly entirely made of wood that has calm and bright hues. The shape is simple and plain, but due to the simplicity of this building it may look charming and fascinating. It is adopts the modern and contemporary model, but the wood had been wrapped it perfectly so that it looks not too mainstream and long-lasting appearance.

Inside of the house, it can be seen all-in-wood nuance and themes. In terms of equipment and arrangement, this house is very modern and contemporary. Wood flooring, wooden wall panels and wooden ceiling gives a sense of comfort and warm in it. On the side there is also a terrace which is covered with wooden trellis roof above. It makes sunlight can entered much and a maximum. To give a different effect, it is uses glass as an addition building material. Glass walls and glass doors framed with wood looks very chic and elegant. So, the room can be exposed with its beauty of the wood. The back of the house there is an additional facility, wide size swimming pool which has green water color. Brown and green are the color combination of this house which is located in Austria. Dietger Wissounig Architekten designed this building as if in the East Asia and named with the House G project.

Modern and contemporary home can also be applied in a very natural area. Although the design is modern but the timber house plans which apply the wooden wall panels is developing the harmony of nature and the building so that it feels comfortable and quiet.


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