Wood Ornament Patterns for Nature Modern Studio Design

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Home with simple and warmth style you can get on modern studio design with wood ornament patterns for your cozy style. Homes have simple shape and simple design for inside and outside decor. You can use wood pattern and white stone pattern on the outside. You can use warmth and nature style on inside. You can put some plants on the wood pottery front on your outside home. A set of simple wood lounge furnishing can display front of your outside home. Homes have unique shape of inside area. You can build private room and family or public room on one space and one ceiling.

You can build this home with simple design. You need to consider about modern studio design ideas to create proper decor and proper furnishing with the wood ornament patterns. You can set second floor use glass wall covered black metal stripes pattern. You can put a set of workbench on the corner and bedroom on the other side of this room. Simple box staircase can build on this house with white stone for foothold and wood with soft brown color for the shading. You can use that staircase look like boxes storage on the wood shading side. You can build simple bathroom near staircase with wood white door. You can use brick style for the wall of first floor with white and black pendant lamp fills in this house.

You can also pit steel sink with wood cabinet beside staircase. A set of dine wood table with four pair standing chair also put next to that sink.  You can make little white stairs to influence with living area and book shelves area. You can use stone floor with white color to create clean sensation. You can put wood cabinet on the right side of living area include wood ornament above. You can also put white large book shelves stick on the wall. The white long lasting sofa and black box shape table also recommended filling in this room. You can use wide glass window with wood frame and creamy sleek curtain to create warmth and brightness effect.

Home with this style recommended for you with single person. The simple design can fill in entire of your home. You can set your home with simple furnishing and interior decor. Home with this style always look like clean and neat every time. You can apply modern studio design ideas home with wood ornament patterns for your simple home decor.


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