Unique Dining Set in Stunning Modern Home Interior

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This beautiful Canal House in Haarlem, Netherland is originally an old living space renovated by KEMPE by applying the modern interior with unique dining set. This brilliant architectural studio wonderfully changes the nuance and feeling of this old home by creating the airy white interior. Who says old cannot be new? Right after exploring this Canal House, you certainly will love how this old house can be transformed to be new without leaving the comfort and esthetics feeling.

What to adore about this Canal House design, besides its total transformation? We will answer this by taking you to see the interior of this cool living space. Stepping inside the Canal House, you will be welcomed by the cozy and soothing vibe as part of this modern interior design with its unique dining set, by adding the minimalist touch to keep each white room clean. Accented mostly by the charming wooden texture, each white room allows the fresh color splash popping out as well.

Our favorite room of this Canal House is this cool open living room, which looks undoubtedly cozy for any lounge time with friends and family. Equipped with cozy seating, this living room allows its white wall space clean by simply leave this space nearly untouched. However, you can find the cool lighting design with beautiful golden glow as well as a hint of bright color from the cool contemporary artworks. Our favorite part of this living room is how this space opens to the small yet fresh courtyard outdoors which will allow plenty of natural light indoors along with the fresh green tinge from the granaries.

Continue to the open kitchen and dining space, you will find how the open floor plan allows this space to let the airy atmosphere overflowing, thus creating a more comfortable living space. Accented with charming wooden surface for the minimalist cabinetry, you can see how the U-shaped kitchen space celebrates the clean and neat impression from the all-white interior. Moving to the dining room, you will find the quirky yet pleasing detail as part of the dining set design. There, you can find how the modern interior design ideas for this open dining room celebrates the fresh aqua splash from the tough acrylic seating for dining chair, along with the unique dining set and long wooden bench which will save more space.


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