Togo Sofa Set for Magnificent Open Interior in Modern Home

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Built in a beautiful hill of Petite-Riviere-Sant Francois, Quebec, this wonderful contemporary living space successfully showcases the incredible open interior with a Togo sofa set to present the wonderful nature indoors. Uniquely designed, this three-leveled contemporary home is fantastically designed by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes with unique architectural design. The top level is fantastically employed for an open living area that is designed cleverly by its brilliant designers to provide the 360-degree view.

Walking inside the open living area of this spectacular contemporary living space, which is entitled as Des Grands Jardins, you will find the extensive use of glass element. Employed for the glass wall space accented with gorgeous wooden frames, this open interior design with the Togo sofa set allows this open living area to celebrate the abundant natural light indoors. Built in a hill with chill and cool air, the natural light throughout the day certainly will keep the interior warm, making this Des Grands Jardins as a great refugee from the cool weather. Notice the gorgeous wood element with its natural warm tone that affects the coziness as well.

Taking advantage of its great site with striking home design, this open living area wonderfully incorporates the fantastic woodlands outdoors to bring in refreshing green tinge especially during the warm spring days. With the unabated view from every corner of this living area, who would need artificial decor? Thus, this living area is spectacularly designed by employing the cool and stylish furniture to keep this room looks stunning, including the use of gorgeous Togo sofa in bright orange splash from the open living room.

Walking into the master bedroom, this one certainly will make you feel totally envious! Who would hate to have this cozy bedroom with spectacular and fantastic view? This spacious and open bedroom is designed with transparent glass partition to mark the space of this room and bathroom, without disrupting the overflowing airy atmosphere indoors. The Togo sofa set for this room done by Bourgeois Lechasseur Architectes certainly knows how to mix the style with amenities in creating a more comfortable dwelling to live in.


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