Simple Wall Shelf in Captivating White Home Interior

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Pablo Munoz Paya Arquitectos has done reforming a cozy living space by applying the bright and refreshing white interior with a simple wall shelf thoroughly. Located in Spain, this reform for Tobias and Reme is perfectly designed to keep the interior appears bright and spacious, while the exterior is done carefully to protect the privacy. However, you can find how the exterior is done wonderfully to preserve both privacy and abundant natural light indoors for airier impression indoors.

Walking inside this wonderful contemporary home in beautiful Petrer, Alicante, you will be welcomed by the total airy and spacious feeling with luminous tranquility. Thanks to the white interior design, along with the minimalist touch of simple wall shelf in designing each open room, this cozy living space successfully allows the airy feeling overflowing throughout each room. To keep the interior looks cleaner, the details, including the lightings, are done carefully without being exaggerating to keep up with the minimalist impression.

However, we really adore how the clean and bright white room may looks far from plain and boring. Only with a small dose of creativity, you can find plenty of bright colors as part of the interior that is incorporated casually without disrupting the overall impression. Look at this open living area with access to a cozy balcony outdoors. The balcony is cleverly designed with bright and fresh green carpeting, which may penetrate the living area indoors easily due the use of transparent glass sliding doors.

You can find more bright colors from the simple wall shelf, which is functioned to store small items as well as books. This idea is really simple and popular when you want to add plenty of colors to your minimalist white room without any fuss. You can also find how Pablo Munoz Paya Arquitectos has done a great job simply by putting the modern furniture wrapped in bright color. Look at this refreshing lime green sofa that will comfort your lounge time while allowing this white room looks more refreshing or the cozy red bed as part of this modern interior design with the simple wall shelf that will stand out easily in simple white space.


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