Round Table Dining Set for Humble Valley House Design

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The luxurious and unique house with a round table dining set can be built in valley house design using complex design. The house made in valley will get beautiful and natural scenery. The example of luxurious valley house is situated in Twentynine Palms, California, USA. This house is named Yucca Valley House 3. The designer of this house is Oller & pejic Architecture. This house is built in simple design but it is also made in large building. The design of this house is made in single story house.

The furniture used in this house is colorful interior. The furniture used in this house is related to the house style. The valley design furniture using colorful furniture is suitable with the dark color of this house. The bright color such as yellow, pink, red, and white are suitable with this house. The bright yellow chairs and square table put in the living room. White color is used in the bedroom and bathroom. Red chairs are used in kitchen too. The black chairs and  the round table dining set are put on the middle of the dining room.

The design of this valley house is using black color as the master color of the house. Using it color is used for the exterior and interior house. The wall paint inside and outside the house is using black color. The floor of this house is also using black color. The black color is used on the ceiling too. Using it color makes the house look elegant.

The use of the bright lamps is very needed for this house. It has a function to make the room does not dark because of the black color used. The used of the windows is very important to make the sunlight come to the room in order to the room does not dark. The ceiling of this house is made in high size to make the room has space area and look large. Creative in choosing hunter valley design furniture such as for the round table dining set is needed for black house design.


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