Pergola Base Design for Contemporary Rustic Home Design

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Located on the dry and desolated hill in Santa Cruz County of Arizona, US, this San Cayetano Residence showcases an incredible rustic style design mixed with stunning contemporary style and a pergola base design. Designed wonderfully by DesignBuild Collaborative, this extraordinary living space successfully blends with the concrete desert environment surroundings by employing the concrete, rustic materials as part of its design. However, you can notice the contemporary style easily from the modern architectural design, accentuated by clean lines.

Looking at this San Cayetano Residence exterior, you will find a beautiful harmony of this living space with the pergola base design and natural environment surroundings. Hinted clearly by the exterior, you will find how this rustic modern design style employs the natural muted tone to emphasize the rustic impression, thus allowing this living space to blend in harmony with the surroundings. The tone is beautifully displayed by the concrete materials forming this San Cayetano Residence design and structure.

We really love the small details forming this San Cayetano Residence design idea. Look at the cool perimeter wall design. We really adore the rocky perimeter wall design, showcasing the beautiful harmony perfectly. You can also find the concrete landscape as well, thus creating a natural transition between this contemporary living space’s outdoor spaces with the incredible desert environment.

Due the climate of the rough and desolated desert environment surroundings, DesignBuild Collaborative has done an excellent work to keep this home feels cozy for its residents. Transparent glass element is used extensively, which forms the exterior of this San Cayetano Residence, to allow the abundant natural light indoors. The spacious interior is resulted from the open floor plan for this one-story home, thus the airy atmosphere may overflow each room easily. You can also find the charming and gorgeous design for the pergola base design as part of this rustic contemporary design style, which will give a protection from dazzling light and the heat.


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