Paint Wooden Furniture for Stylized Renovated Apartment

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Initial forms of occupancy sometimes are not satisfying, as in this renovated apartment with paint wooden furniture which is totally change and transform. The changes look better and attractive with the addition of decorations and ornaments. Because the initial form already modern, this apartment still looks modern but more stylish.

With small and limited space, you can fill it with simple and minimalist items. So it makes the room will looks more spacious and wide. It can be seen from the renovated apartment ideas above which is produced better appearance by to give it some modern decorations and paint wooden furniture. Arrangement of the room and the items can also affect the better appearance. So arrange items according to the adequacy of the place and the color combination. It is important because when different color combines in one room, it is not always resulting the catching view. For example, the light blue color mixed with emerald green color that will be so odd and unsightly.

In this apartment the whole tone is dark; plain black and dark grey then turn into light grey finally the house meet its harmony. The black wooden floors are covering the cornerstone and then matched with black painted wall. It uses dark grey thin curtains on the white windows. The kitchen area is colored with black concrete wall and then some dark utensils are filled. The rug usage is suit and makes it vintage looked combined with light grey sofa set. The black angular table lamp gives calm and elegant effect but rather mysterious. Some wooden furniture can gives modern and stylish decoration; wood cross section table is unique and has good shaped. It is okay to place in the living room or bedroom. If the available area is too small and limited, it can be used sliding door to safe the area.

Remodeling can be done because the old appearance is too mainstream and tiring maybe. To redecorate it is not really hard and complicated, just rearranging and if its need replacing is allowed. It can be reference and consideration to make condo renovation ideas with the paint wooden furniture as did Peter Fehrentz in Germany.

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