Outstanding Mix-Style House Design

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Miguel Marcelino, brilliant Portuguese designer has finished an outstanding mix-style house design creation Novas, Portugal. This stunning contemporary house design is the result of the amalgamation of modern style home and warehouse. There are so many things that make this home design looks superior compare to other houses and one of them is the location selection. Since the basis of any modern housing design is the location selection, the greatness of this house is, actually, started from the first time the designer select this lovely home location. This superb modern style home design is located in the edge a cliff in which has direct access to outstanding mountain scenery, isn’t that amazing?

The modern style architectural design that applies in this outstanding mix-style house design, moreover, is also the one that make this house so special compare to other home design creation. The ability to select which part of the warehouse that need to be left and which part is not, is indeed the key of success in the construction of this lovely contemporary mountain house design. The mixture between modern style design and the residual design of warehouse that symbolize by the shape of the house itself and the glass windows formation is indeed the main point of the house beauty.

The selection of interior design style that use in this perfect hybrid home design, then, also become the one that contribute so many beauties in this house. It uses highly minimalist design in which created in order to generate gaps and empty spaces between design sites. This kind of gap makes this house looks wider and more importantly, people will able to visually access the beauty of the surrounding scenery from, almost, anywhere.

The beauty that presented by this house is very special. Outstanding mix-style house design by Miguel Marcelino is something that will surely amazes anybody who sees it.


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