Mosaic Floor Tile for Spotless Netherland House Architecture

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Modern living with modern lifestyle can be seen in this Netherland house with mosaic floor tile and minimalist shapes. Flat roof and square shaped building make this house firmly and sharply. Although modern and sharp, this house has some green environments around which are helping and contributing the fresh and life feel.

It was generally designed by Clijsters Architectuur Studio and chooses Utrecht for the location. The concept of this Netherland house plans are modern, stylish and happy family inside. The all-in-white tones are filling the entire building and combined with the mosaic floor tile outside. Outside of the building, there are some green plants and also violet plants which are touching and catching the eye while seeing. On the back side there is a wide green areas equipped with green grasses, green plants, green leafy trees and also violet plants as it seen in front side. This back side is more private and maximizes the family gathering and quality time. The all-in-white themes are preciously wrapped with the natural eco-green environment around. So the bright white hues are not pale and dull.

Besides the bright monochrome tone, this house is exposing the modernity through the glazed window and glazed sliding door. The glass usages are creating elegant and luxury appearance for this contemporary house. Even the front side building uses steel grilles as the cover which hiding glass sightings behind it. The steel grilles are able to folded and moved when it should show the hidden glass. Beside it, there is a carport to rest the car and cover it from the hot and cold weather. In addition to exposing the ground floor, his house applied the same glass sightings to show its elegance. The master bedroom upstage is facing the green views back side. The interior uses the same themes with the exterior; all-in-white and it makes the furniture and appliances look plush and valuable.

Bright and light hues give some enlightenment for the homeowner. This tone is still be the most favorite color because this neutrality which is easily to adapt with other elements. Don’t worry if you want to stain your home as well as Netherland house design with its mosaic floor tile, because it can be proved that radiant hue is apt with others.

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