Modern Residence Design in California

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The luxury of highly modern residence design that created by Dumican Mosey / Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders is only one of so many great things that you will able to find in this beautiful contemporary living space design. This superb modern style living space design is located in Menlo Park, California. The location is great, but the greatness of this stunning home design creation is, actually, lies on the architectural design style that use in this home design creation.

There are several parts of this highly modern residence design that able to show the real beauty of the house. The first thing that will show you the real beauty of this house is the U-shape architectural design that occupy by this house design. The U shape enables this house to have an open space as the center of the design and that space is utilized as the place of swimming pool. Instead of putting the modern style swimming room in the back of the house, the designer of the house put it in the center of this contemporary home structure.

The interior design of this perfect modern style living space design, moreover, is also the thing that makes this house looks lovely. It uses modern style interior design with highly modern furniture selection. The simplicity of the interior design leaves gaps between design site that makes the pen space setting that apply in this home design even more clear. Thus, this space design creation is created in order to give the people inside the house greatest visual access to the outdoor.

The details of a gorgeous modern home creation that we just saw is special details that we may not able to find in other home design that is why it deserves honor from us. Highly modern residence design with the U shape design can indeed become such a great alternative model for other home design creation.  

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