Minimalist Interior Plans in Amazingly Simple House Concept

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Building a house using simple house concept with minimalist interior plans can be made by everyone. The difficult of building the house using simple design is how to make the house into the beautiful or unique style. There are many methods to make the simple design of the house become interest. One way is using the minimalist interior for the house. The simple design of the house which is located in Ulster County, New York, USA is built in minimalist design. The designer of this house is William Reue Architecture.

This house is made in unique style because it is built in the many trees around the house. It is making this house become unique because the trees used in this house are small high tress. This house is designed in single story house with simple house design using white color for the wall paint in order to show the minimalist interior plans.The brown color is used for the fence house. The windows are made in vertical shape. It is making the natural lighting come into the room.

The house plans for this house is made in simple plans. This house is made in the form of long form. It is also made in square form. There are some rooms available in this house. Those are bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, garage, dining room, panty, and laundry. The bedroom in this house is available in four bedrooms. The bathroom in this house is also available in some bathrooms. There is a bathroom available in each bedroom. The rooms in this house are made in large space.

The interior used in this house is using modern style. The used of sofa which is combined by square table and fur carpet is put on the living room. The chairs used around the table are also can be interior in living room. The white, grey, and brown furniture is suitable in this house which is using white color of the wall. Using the furniture for simple interior designs will bring an advantage to make the minimalist interior plans larger.

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