Loft Home Ideas Using Wooden Material for Wonderful Living Space

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There many kinds of technique to make loft home ideas. There are many references of book that is available in the stores. Good references will help you to make stunning loft. One of the stunning loft houses can be found in Trastevere, Rome, Italy. This loft is designed by MdAA architects. This loft is made in unique design. The material used to make this loft is using simple material. The simple material used for the loft is applied in good style.

The concept of this house is using unique style. To make modern loft home ideas need good creativity. This loft that is made by MdAA architect is unique because of the room design is not use flat design. The unique of the loft can be seen from the column. The column form on this loft is made in sloping style. This column is made in the middle of the room. The function of the column is to add the beautiful of the room and also to support the ceiling.

The ceiling used in this loft is using high form. This ceiling is also made without the cover. It is has a function to make the loft look natural and seen for what it is. It is also make the house look bright and large. The design of the ceiling is designed in simple design. Using small transparent glass window at the roof will make the lighting get enough lighting.

The material used in this loft is using wooden. The wooden is used for the ceiling material. It is also used in the floor material. Beside it, the wooden is also used for the stair material. The wooden is made in many various styles. The wooden is cut and made in finely crafted wood. Then it is applied in this loft. Determining the use of the loft home ideas should be suitable with the loft design.


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