House Renovation Planner in Seven Story House Construction

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There are many traditional houses or rundown house change to the house renovation planner by the good and smart architect. Those houses are changed into the beautiful and luxurious house. To make this house into the modern style, the designer or the architect should be having great ideas. Good architecture of the renovation of the house can be looking on Valencia Street, In Barcelona, Spain. It is made by architect loox. This house is built in seven story house using modern and unique style. This house is not only the design that is renovated but also the interior of this house.

The design of this house is built in wonderful design. It can be seen from the house renovation plannerused in this house. This concept of this house is made in luxurious style. This house is built like an apartment. This house is available in many rooms. The color used in this house is using soft brown. There are many glass windows used in this house concept. The use of this window is making the house look elegant.

The interior used in this house is using modern interior design. The interiors used in this house are table, chair, sofa, shelf, cabinet, chandelier, and etc. The sofas are put on the living room and family room. The chairs and square table is place on the dining room. Cabinets are used in the kitchen. The book shelf is used for saving many books in the library. There are also chairs and table used in the library.

Most interior in this house is using white color. It is used for the table, cabinet, shelf, wasteful, door, windows’ frame, and etc. Brown color is also used as the interior color of the house. This is used for the sofas, carpet, refrigerator, and chairs. The improving of the house renovation planner is much needed to decorating room.

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