Green Chair Project in Spacious Open House Interior

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Building the house using open house concept with a green chair project is become evolve. The beautiful house using this concept is named The Naked House. This house is made with difficult style which is designed by Marc Gerritsen. This house is situated in Ko samui, Thailand. This house is built in the beautiful scenery and it is also built in luxurious style. This house is also build in a big style.

This house is built in large design of open house plans with the green chair project. This house is built in three story house. It is built in the large land. There are many rooms available in this house. The rooms in this house are made in the large size. The rooms are divided into the some areas. Those are living room, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, and family room. The house plans in this house is available with swimming pool. The swimming pool in this house is made in the second house.  

The interiors used for the house room is using minimalist interior design. The interior used in the living room is red chairs combined by rectangle white table. There are also some chandeliers on the dining room to add the beauty of the room. The used of the white sheet on the bed, the green chair and square table is put on the bedroom. The red chairs and brown table are used in the living room. White interior is used in the living room for the bathtub and wasteful.

The house design and house interior used is suitable in the concept of open house. This house is also appropriate with the scenery around the house. The scenery around this house is very beautiful. The scenery of the mountain is bringing fresh air for this house. The swimming pool on the outside house is suitable with the scenery. It would be interesting to make complex design of simple open house plans with the green chair project in order to this house become luxury.


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