Exterior and Interior Design for Elegant and Modern Residence

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There are many residences available in good exterior and interior design using simple design. There are many houses in the residence presenting modern style. The residence’ name is Lamble Residence. It is designed by Smart Design studio. The location of this residence is in South coast, Australia. This house is built in good view looking from the outside and inside house. This house is made in luxurious design.

The building of this house is made using simple materials. The use of the exterior and interior design for house are using wooden. The wall of this house is using wood veneer in the outside house. The use of the wood veneer is used in the first floor of the wall.  It aims to make the house look elegant. The ceiling of this house is using wooden too. The wooden is also used as the windows’ frame.

The modern interior is used in this house to improve the cozy room. This room is using bright color for the furniture used. Sofa, table, shelf, wasteful, bed, shelf, cupboard, carpet, and etc used in this house are made in modern style. The material of the furniture is using good materials. Soft, smooth, comfort, and expensive material is served in this house room. The color used in this room is using combination between black and white colors. It is matching with the concept of beautiful used for this house.

The place of the furniture as the room decoration is bringing beautiful room. The place of the furniture should be put in good place. Do not put the furniture in blockade place. It will spend the area in the room. Good place of the furniture is influence the atmosphere in the room. It will also make the room become comfort. Choosing and placing home decorating for the exterior and interior design should be attention to broad or wide space.

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