Elegant and Ornate Antique Ceiling Tiles

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Amazing, ornate, antique tin ceiling tiles are quite popular now and are used as supports for art, wall decor, cosmetic accessories and for home remodeling jobs, of course. First, let’s start using a tiny history about tin ceiling tiles. Embossed or pressed tin ceilings were popular throughout the Victorian Era as a reasonable replacement for the plaster-designed ceilings found in European houses that are rich. Thin alloy sheets of stainless steel, copper or tin were stamped with designs that were complex and sometimes painted white to resemble the more expensively-made, hand- molded or carved plaster ceilings.

As metals were preserved for the war effort during the WW II Age, tin ceiling tiles went from favor, as well as other forms of ceilings were encouraged. By the 1950s and 1960s, dry wall and acoustic drop ceiling tiles ruled the market and may be located in edifices, resorts and houses.


A lot of people want to collect these wonderful vintage pieces because first tin ceiling tiles have such pretty layouts and craftsmanship. Collectors revel seeking out tiles with symbols, contours, colours as well as exceptional patterns, in addition to discovering tiles of different sizes.

Seeking the words you will be brought by vintage ceiling cans to the section at which you’ll find early tin ceiling tiles. Utilizing the phrase antique ceiling tile usually calls up an inventory of “classic style” or “copied” tiles. Costs change based on amount, the size and uniqueness of design.


Copied tiles are manufactured from various substances including plastics, vinyl, wood and tin, and they come in numerous colours as well as finishes. You’ll find lots of businesses that take a variet of designs as well as colours. Locks snap. You can purchase sample tiles before you start a job to assess. While the snaplock variety of  antique ceiling tile is quite popular, there are several other advanced uses of ceiling tiles on the marketplace now. As an example, now you can buy tiles which come in rolls like wallpaper , along with peelandstick kinds of ceiling tiles.

Ceiling tiles are even used by some creative people as faux headboards. Another band of people who look for tiles that are classic is crafters and artists. These gifted people make fine objets d’art from the salvaged masterpieces that are architectural.

Many artists prefer to paint on ceiling tiles that are classic. One artist I’m comfortable with, need minimal prep work and looks for cans which can be over 100 years old, in very good condition. The artist I will be referring to normally passes up tiles that have scores or holes, favoring pieces with shapes or unusual designs which inspire the background to be used by her within design work and her subject matter.

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