Duplex Apartment Interior to Make Beautiful Room

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Decorating the room in the duplex apartment interior should be creative. The creative of the apartment owner have will be make the room of the apartment become cozy and comfort to be living place. The matching interior used in the apartment can be seen in apartment located in Warsaw, Poland. This apartment designer is Hola Design. This apartment is made into the elegant style of the apartment. It is also made in comfortable apartment design. The design of this apartment is using luxurious interior.

Choosing luxurious interior is bringing beautiful of this apartment. The interior used in this duplex apartment interior is using modern furniture. The modern furniture used in this apartment is using nice materials. Sofa used in the living room is using soft and smooth material to make the people who are sitting on it become comfort. The carpet used in the living room is made by fur. The wooden material is also used for the table and chair at the dining room. The wasteful is used in the kitchen and bathroom.

The used of the curtains put on the windows is bringing the beautiful room. The curtains used in this apartment room are using big and long size. The curtain is available in thick size. The material used on this curtain is smooth and soft. It is using velvet as the curtains material. The color of the curtain used in this apartment room is brown color. The function of the curtain is to reduce the sunlight come into the room. It is also to close the window.

The assorted color is used in the interior design. It is used for improving the beautiful of the room apartment. The colors used in this apartment are red, pink, grey, brown, white, silver, black, and etc. Having many references for duplex apartment interior is very important to create cozy room.

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