Double Glass Wall for Grizzled Australian House Decoration

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Live in a real estate such as this Australian house with the double glass wall is not really bad and bored. Because as the owner you can decorate it as you want, make it different from the other similarity building and models. If you think that living in housing area will cause same model and design, don’t worry you can trick it.

It has become a habit and characteristics of this modern era that most of homes have simple building shaped and impress the minimalist exterior design. It is not infrequently they also make a home with an odd shaped and very different. For the concept usage, this Australian house plans develop a comfortable modern house with double glass wall and not really complicated. So it will make the homeowner feels happy and comfort inside and in the outside part. The wooden ladders on the outside are being the connector from the ground and the door, so it is sloping area in the front side. Volpatohatz designed and named this project with House in Greenwich.

This interior design used modern style but not really follow the trends, wooden sliding door is applied here. Then the staircase is coated with wooden slab, and the floors are covered with brown timber floors for all of the parts. On the second floor, it has an opened area which can be used for gather and just sit. Actually the verandah is not only in the upstage but also in the ground floor. The ground floor has many chair sets than the upstage, perhaps the ground floor verandah is frequently used than the upstage. The double glass wall and glass sliding door is saving the area, this is useful to make the room space more and free. White color paint looks very elegant and bright for this entire room inside. It has a medium library which is filled with bookshelves and many books on it. The kitchen set and kitchen bar is uses clear white color and it is make the appetite increased.

Real estate living is not merely boring and usual, as it shown many owner has remodeled and renovated their initial house shaped. This Australian house with the double glass wall can be a good reference for you who have the same case.

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