Camouflaged Ecological House Designs

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Camouflages with the environment become the unique theme for the ecological house designs nowadays.  Camouflage design means that the house is synchronized with the surrounding environment. This modern design presents the optimization of using the natural energy. The design is made with the similarity with the environment both in color, decoration, and the materials that are used. Here are some descriptions of the smart camouflaged home design for supporting the eco-friendly aspect.

For the exterior, the use of the wooden wall-mounted that is combined with additional stones wall is an example of the ecological house plans. The other interior ecological design is the use of some materials that use the natural energy for the home. The shading wooden wall for the exterior helps the house to get the natural lighting from the sun. The shading wall here is used to control the entering lighting that comes from the sun in order to give enough lighting for the interior. For the front house, the use of large windows makes our house get enough lighting if your front house is heading to the north or south. The addition of some planters makes your house support the ecological aspect.

For the interior, the lighting that is entering into the house can be managed by using the using the glass windows. The windows are made to continue the sun light for the entire rooms. For the details of the second floor, you can use the railing upstairs also for continuing the natural lighting from the sun. The designs of the relaxation area that is designed at the second floor and placed on the outside makes us get the natural experience for the relaxation. Because the home gets enough lighting from the natural resources, we can use the simple soft lamps for helping the interior lighting.

The camouflaged home designs help your home design becomes the eco-friendly home. The use of the natural resources helps the house to reduce the using home energy and utilizing the natural energy. The eco house plans above gives some descriptions about how to create an eco-friendly home that is utilizing the natural resources for the home energy and perhaps it can help you to make an environmentally friendly home to keep our environment without losing the modern design of our Task

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