Black Granite Options for Wonderful Modern Home

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Entitled as Wilden Street House, this modern home in Australia is wonderfully designed by Shaun Lockyer Architects in creating a spacious living space indoors with the black granite options. We all know how this impression can make any home feels even more comfortable. However, this impression becomes really essential for this WIlden Street House due its narrow site. Cleverly applying the open floor plan for its interior, this modern living space undoubtedly becomes an ideal home to live in by its residents.

Designed by Shaun to be open to the fresh green courtyard, the interior of this WIlden Street House thus celebrates the overflowing of airy atmosphere along with the abundant natural light and the black granite options. Due the open floor plan of this modern home design in Australia, the fresh and airy atmosphere may be delivered to every corner indoors, especially for the open living area employing the ground level. The living area upstairs itself is functioned for more private rooms, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Walking inside this Walden Street House, you will be greeted by the charming modern interior that is done by blending the neutral colors. As the bright and airy impression is built naturally by the clean and bright white surface, you may find the gorgeous black accent that contrasts the bright impression beautifully. Do not forget about the abundant charming wooden tone as well, which is really vital in building the cozy feeling from its warm color.

What we adore from this home interior is how Shaun incredibly adds eye-catchy details to keep each room look interesting without sacrificing more space. Look at this double-heighted dining space that celebrates the total airy and spacious feeling due the tall wall space. Adding the charming accent, the lighting employs the gorgeous black lampions made of stiffed yarn.

The tall wall space of this dining space is accented wonderfully by the gorgeous wood element employed as the railings for staircase, adding more character to this room. Equipping the available space below the staircase is the black bookshelf, providing more storage space. Peeking the kitchen space, you can find how this modern house design in Australia benefits another exquisite detail from the use of gorgeous black granite options that is found on the bathroom space as well.


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