Big House Plans Using Open House Design

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Building the house in the concept of big house plans is not difficult if having large area. The design of a big house using modern style is usually made by the rich people. Building the big house is need creativity, lot of money, large land, and good designer to make it look amazing. The luxurious house can be seen on Madrona House. This house is situated in Seattle, Washington, USA. The project of this house was designed by CCS Architecture from San Francisco. This house is made in modern style and luxurious design.

The Madrona house is using good big house plans. This house is built in two story house. This house is built in large land. At the first floor of this house is divided into the some rooms. Those are main entrance, coat closet, entry, guest room, guest bath, laundry, storage, kids’ room, kids’ bath, closet, master bedroom, and master bathroom. The second floor of this house in divided into the some rooms. Those are bridge, kitchen, pantry, TV room or family room, fire place, dining room, office room, and bathroom. Those rooms in the first and second floor are made into the large space.

This house is also built in unique design. The unique design of this house can be seen in the outside house and also in the inside house. The outside house, the unique design of the house can be look about the slope design that is used in this house. There is a stair outside the house that is used as the road to the house. In the inside house, the unique design can be seen from the stair used in the room. The stair form is made in curve form in the edge of the room.

This house is using open house design. It aims to improve the beauty of the house and also for getting natural lighting from the sun. The concept of big house plans is a good reference for the people who want to build house in big style.


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