Attic Apartment Design: Space Efficiency and Color Scheme

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The space efficiency and the design minimalism that offer by this attic apartment design is indeed something that can become such a great alternative design for modern living space design. This stunning vertical living space design is, in some extents, showing modern living attitude. As we all know that people are now living in crowed world and space is one of the most valuable commodities in housing design creation. That phenomenon pushes people to create new way of living. The attic living space is one of the results of that condition. It makes this amazing contemporary attic design very important to the modern housing creation.

There are some details of this beautiful attic apartment design that can be used as an example for other space design creation. One of those spaces is the Scandinavian style living room. Yes, this amazing modern apartment design is using Scandinavian as the basis design and therefore you will find that most of the spaces in this lovely house design are dominated by white color. The Scandinavian style that applies in the small living room design lead this space into Scandinavian perspective, it supports by modern white sofa and white fiberglass table.

The white color that dominates most of the space, however, does not stand alone in this living space design. There are several color accents that make the space looks more alive. Take for example that black rug that applies in the living room or a bright red chair that applies in the studying room. Those two color anomalies are the elements that decorate the all-white color scheme to make it looks more ‘€œfun’€.

The beauty that presented by this gorgeous attic living space design is great, but it is secondary. The most important one is how the designer able to create such a sufficient living space in small living area. Beautiful attic apartment plan is, in some extents, something that we are all need to know about.

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