Wooden Tiles Floor for Hoary Spain House Design

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Have a big house with a pleasant environment makes this Spain house with its wooden tiles floor created by Javier Mantolan Segui looks complete and perfect. In addition to many homes and communities, this area also presents a pretty awesome sight. The high seas with the sun as summer makes it more complete for the owner and guests.

This building looks like a cohesive residence in Menorca Island, because of the all-in-white house buildings in the around houses. Most of the model are the same; flat and modern with minimalist exterior. The difference of this Spain house design is lies in its construction and material usage such as for the wooden tiles floor. Although colored in the similar tone with the other houses, it has different additional materials and decoration. It uses limestone on some parts, timber and glass also included to make it live. For the outdoor view, it has original scenery and factitious scenery. The original is the wide bay which can be seen enjoyable from this building. Then the factitious, it has some small plot as the garden; which used white sand as if in the beach. Generally this house is not really crowded and filled with green eco-environment.

The most visible nuance is brown color in the outside; the limestone gate and sliding wooden blinds protected when the sun is too hot. For the fresh impression it is created a rectangle swimming pool with blue water on its white color pool. In some parts wooden floor is used and united with wooden ceiling above. The building has wooden wall protector in front of the small rest area around. Some of the furniture made of wood as well. In the bathroom, it is applied clear white color theme and it makes the clean and spotless appearance. On the garage, it is unique because the wooden garage door is the same with the blinds above. The second floor can be used for gathering and enjoying the landscape around.

Enjoying and relishing summertime vacation can be felt every day in this house because of the nuance and landscape. This building is wide and big in size, so it can fit many family members to spend their lovely holiday. Besides the Spain modern house design with the wooden tiles floor it has, there is also fascinating sight which is born naturally.



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