Wooden Deck Ideas for Natural Wooden House Style

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Natural and native are still being chosen to be a part of home, such as this wooden house which is used wood as the main material and for the wooden deck ideas. Despite it has many houses made of wood whether half or full, but each of them has their own characteristics. This house also has its own characteristics and value to its owner. Named with Stealth Cabin, this house in Canada in Ontario exactly was finished by Superkul Architects.

Lined with greenery and lush trees around, creates natural fence for this house. This house is amusing people who see it from its simple shapes and pretty wooden house design for the exterior. Long and block shaped building facing the natural environment is delightful especially for this time. It can be a secondary home stay when city living is too boring and tiring. Wooden covers are protecting the inside part and it is line textured wall exterior. The wooden wall is supported with the glass window and door which are framed in light brown timber. The front side has small resting area which has no roof above, it is allowed to sunbathing and relaxing with the couch. This slot is looks like the wooden deck ideas in a ship; moreover the building has elongate shaped.

Usually house which is made of wood uses wooden decor too inside, as well as for the home. It uses wooden ceilings, wooden walls, and wooden furniture. The textures and patterns installation are also the same as the exterior decoration; by placing a long piece of wood adjusted with the field. For example, for the ceiling, wooden pieces are mounted to the following field; triangular and conical. The timber tones in this house is light brown and with smoothed surface. So it is looks soft and calm although it uses wood for the whole building. The prominent color is come from the kitchen set and bar which has bright white tone. The wooden interiors are matched with the light grey marble floors because it gives the prominent effect to the entire room.

Wood and green environment is a complementary unit. If you are one of nature lovers who want to make a natural touch for your home, this wooden house design ideas with the wooden deck ideas are simplicity deliver it for you.

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