Underground Garage Design for Stylish Futuristic Building Concepts

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Building that is decorated by using glass material will look more stylish in its appearance by adding futuristic building concepts with an underground garage design that had been developed by Paul de Ruiter Architects. Futuristic architecture style in this project had been applied successfully in Villa Kogelhof project that had been modified in a long building style with glass wall decoration style. Long building style actually can be categorized into unique architecture style of a futuristic building.

In under position of the main building, large pool design is built which it will also give a special impression of building design in this project. Besides that, the underground garage design is also designed perfectly in this building project so it will look so unique in its architecture concept. Concrete building construction is used to design and decorate garage in this project so it will look more modern to complete futuristic building design concept had by main building.

On the other hand, house interior in this project is made in a simple and modern interior style by applying white interior color domination. Large pool design that had been made in under position of main building looks such natural lake design form house interior space. Indirectly it will serve beautiful outside view that can be enjoyed maximally from inside so it will make design of house interior to be more comfortable.

Simple interior furniture that is designed comfortably was applied well to complete interior decoration so it will become comfortable interior concept that is so suitable to relax. Interior stair in this project is also designed stylistically by using concrete stair construction so it will create stylish concrete stair that looks so elegant to be applied in a small interior space. The stair is made in a free space between two wall constructions so it will become a modern stair design that looks so simple in its appearance. All of them become futuristic building techniques with the underground garage design that had been made in simple architecture style.

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