Transparent Glass Wall for Contemporary House Architecture

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Located in the beautiful Geneva, Switzerland, this contemporary house project done fantastically by Raphael Nussbaumer Architects will stun you with its transparent glass wall for unique exterior. Wrapped fully in thick concrete material, the exterior design successfully allows the residents of this cool home, entitled as 2LB House, to protect their privacy. However, that is not the only feature that makes the exterior fascinating. See also the unique details forming its contemporary architectural design, contrasting the beautiful natural greenery surroundings.

Even though the facade of this 2LB House allows this private residence closed for public, this living space opens to the other side. Thus, you can see how this contemporary house design still allows the openness with the green outdoor space without sacrificing the privacy of its residents. This openness is simply created by the large transparent glass wall, exposing the cozy and open living area indoors of this two-leveled home. For the living area upstairs, you can find how this level still celebrates a small dose of privacy.

The interior of this 2LB House itself showcases the clean and bright white interior, allowing the airy and bright impressions instantly yet naturally. As for the open living area, you can find how those impressions are accentuated wonderfully by the abundant natural light coming through the transparent glass wall. As you can see, this design also allows this cozy yet stylish open living area benefits brighter yet fresher color splash provided by the relaxing and green courtyard.

As the atmosphere is perfectly built, it does not mean that Raphael Nussbaumer stops at that point. For a more comfortable place to live in, this 2LB House is also designed with stylish and modern furniture that provides functionality for the residents. Look at this cool open living room equipped with cozy modern grey sofa with beautiful purple cushions to make this piece looks more appealing. The contemporary house design ideas with the transparent glass wall for this 2LB House also includes the uniquely shaped seating with interesting details to keep each room decorated simply yet fantastically.



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