Tiny House Plans as Alternative Living with Wooden Material

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Big size and magnificent is not the most important factor as it seen on the tiny house plans have unique shape and its own comfort. This house is known with the Ufogel in East Tyrol, Austria. From a distance it is just like a small shed and maybe it is not considered as a house building.

Comfort is not only measured by the home size, luxurious decor and expensive furniture in it. Who would have guessed that the tiny house plans have a high significance for the owner? Stand in a very wide area and filled with green landscape and Great Mountain. This house as if in the fairy tales and children’s stories. It has a coat that is made of wood and is a patron of the entire interior wall in it. Wooden material makes it very similar to a fairy tale. As if this is purposed house that is made to please the child. This building is small in size but have a high comfort. It is stand on some buffers to hold in on the ground and then this house uses staircase to reach its door. It looks like a floating building above the ground. There is a pebbles way to guide the guests to come to this small dwell and it is look like in a fairy tale because they has small size building to stay.

It has hexagon shaped look alike because it is not square shaped like other houses. It makes the roof shape are pointed and triangular. The interior design is uses wood for all parts and rooms. Cream color wood is chose to filled this small dwell angles and sides. This house has stainless steel fireplace and the chimney is patched to the side of this house. This master bedroom has maximum scenery and facilities. The medium size bed is make the owner happy to sleep here, this white color looks very soft with the wooden combination. The bathroom is uses glass wall in the front side. This makes the owner easy to see the views outside. It is surprising that the bedroom is facing the great mountain and the bathroom uses wood as well and the vanity desk is made of stainless steel.

Cozy and fun building as a house and base camp is not always coddling the owner with big size and sophisticated appliances inside. From the tiny house plans above it is true that small size can give big effects and value.

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