Spacious Interior Design with Lovely Traditional Touch

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The brilliant Spain-based architectural firm, H Arquitectes, has done designing this wonderful contemporary living space with spacious interior design. Entitled as House 1101, this contemporary home even showcases the charming traditional style for its interior, which helps making the heartwarming feeling overflows throughout each space. Not only comfortable, this House 1101 also offers the beautiful interior that complements the overall nuance.

Looking at the exterior of this House 1101, you will see the simple modern architectural design defined by the clean lines. The exterior design also allows this living space shut perfectly from public, while providing the hidden open space to preserve the privacy of its residents. However, H Arquitectes has done an excellent work in creating the spacious interior design indoors to build the seamless flow and openness from one room to another and in some cases between indoors and outdoors.

Walking inside this House 1101 that is located in Barcelona, you will find how the spacious feeling is perfectly resulted from its open floor plan. Mainly showcasing the clean and bright white color for the brick wall space, you can find the exposed one as well. As you can see, the result is undoubtedly wonderful. You will find not only the bright, airy, and spacious impression but also the coziness due the abundant warm natural color accenting the interior beautifully.

More astonishing traditional impression with charming rustic style can be seen from the ceiling space as well. Even in the clean and bright white room, you will find the gorgeous rusted wooden texture for the ceiling space easily. See also the same exquisite natural element with gorgeous texture for the furniture as well, as seen in this spacious and airy kitchen and dining space. Showcasing the adorable rusted wooden table, this spacious interior design certainly has a breathtaking way in creating a more comfortable home to live in.


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