River Home Architecture with Fresh Outside

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This time, we will give you a Japanese home in beautiful river home architecture. This home is designed by Hiroshi Sambuichi. You can get awesome reference after seeing this page, because this page gives some pictures of this home. It is unusual home performance. It is the exterior and interior home performance. This home is built in the valley and river. It is fresh outside right?

Let’s see these pictures here. This house is designed in underground concept. From the outside, you just see the glass roof and the terrace. The terrace is designed with large flooring. There are glass windows in this place. This place is one way to reach the inside home. See, next to the home is the river with fresh water. It is amazing view ever. Then, in the gate has running stone wall. It is good protection to this home. Absolutely, it is one of best river house plans for the future.

After that, see there are some furniture designs inside the home in Japanese styles. There is wooden table stands on the oak flooring. In the right side is the place for the television screen. In the other side is the kitchen. You can cook some foods for breakfast in this room. There are some kitchen tools for cooking some foods. Anyway, this open room applies oak ceiling. It is nice room performance right?

Let’s go inside the bathroom. It is small white bathtub. Actually, it is the bathroom for the kids. The bathtub is applied in the corner of the room. This bathtub is covered by the glass wall. Next to this wall is the wooden stair. After that, there are wooden shelves. You can put your clothes before bathing in this room. It is small bathroom with nice performance. This is river house design interior and exterior performance for you.




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