Modern Green House Designs for your Home Decoration

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Simple but artistic and unique become the popular home design including the modern green house. The green houses are made because the owners realize that their home must notice and keep the environment around their home. The unique design of the green house nowadays is made to be an eye catching design and make different from the other houses. Although the green house is simple, the green house is made comfortable for the owner to be lived inside their homes. In modern era, the green houses are designed in several of kinds. Each design has its own characteristics.

Here is one kind of the modern green house designs that can be a recommendation is built on the large courtyard and surrounded with some trees. From the exterior, the green house is designed very simple but artistic. The house consists of only one floor and one simple terrace in front of the house. From the terrace, a beautiful concept that is used some black pipes that similarly looked like some bamboos.  The wall of the main building is covered with the bright brown wooden wall-mounted combined with big glass doors on each side to reduce the home energy. Without losing the eco-friendly concept, this house uses the rain water management system and also the drainage system.

For the interior design of this green house, for supporting the artistic exterior, the using of unique and colorful furniture. For example, in the main room, the very simple unique pattern of the chairs can be used combined with the modern colors of the walls and cabinets such as the marble color and combined with the colorful and simple bed integrated with those unique chairs in the main room. The unique and colorful wall-mounted ornament behind the bed supports the colorful design of the room. For the bathroom, it is designed in black and white wall around the bathroom to give contrasting color theme. The modernity is supported by the unique bathroom stuffs such as the sink and the latrine. The big glass windows support the eco-friendly decoration to reduce the home energy.

The main aim of building the green house is the house can support the environment around the house. From the design, it utilizes the environment energy to be used for the home energy. The eco-friendly energy can reduce the environmental pollution because of the overused for the home energy. The simple design is not making your home look ordinary. Like the descriptions about the modern green house designs ideas above, we still can make a simple green house without losing the modernity ideas and we can still use our creativity to make the unique and artistic green house.

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