Kitchen bar Ideas for Casual Italian House Interior

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Another comfort criterion is simple, such as this Italian house with its kitchen bar ideas which is located in Tollegno. Modern and stylish decoration can be seen here because this house is totally in with the trends nowadays. Perhaps you curios about the creator or designer, Gian Luca Bazzan were the designer for this home.

Again, all-in-white themes are filling the house building and the inside part of course. Somehow, though this Italian house style which applies the kitchen bar ideas is toned in plain white, it could look charming and fascinating. From flat and box building it is already showing the modernity and sophistication. Besides the white box shaped building, it has nice environment around; green lines from the grassy plants. In the morning this spacious garden bed provides beauty sight, the blue and clear sky above and serenity nuance. While in the night, dark sky sprinkled with stars is the main menu for dinner.

This house furnishes clean and stylish decoration inside; radiant and bright hues are filling inside. By combining modernity design and wood, this building completely wrapped with relaxed atmosphere. White kitchen cabinet and white color painted are melting with the brown wooden kitchen bar. All rooms applied wooden floors with dark grey color and bright wooden ceilings. This house has two-story parts and to meet the upstage it can be used wooden staircase in the color with the floor. It is unique and creative that below the staircase, the rest triangle shaped area is created into mini private library. It is unexpected because most of owner used this hidden spot as a warehouse or storage. The bathroom is combining dark grey and clear white; the dark tone is coloring the room and light tone furniture and utensils are filled on it. This house uses sliding door in some rooms because of the spot efficiency.

Simple and modern designs are built in this serene residence which can be used to attract people. With this usual building shaped this house is pleasurable and elegant. The Italian house style plans with the kitchen bar ideas are strongly suggested by all-in-white motif both inside and outside.

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