Glass Sliding Doors for Dark Stiff Trapezoid House Design

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Long and taper building with glass sliding doors is unique as it seen in trapezoid house which is located in Guangdong, China. The building is originally designed and planed by Index Architecture that developing the strong and powerful material and shape. It is generally laying the owners favorite and idol so this house and the philosophy are cohering.

For some people this house shape might be not attractive and usual, because this house has monotone color for the exterior touch. The dark grey tone is originally come from the raw material application on it. Strong concept of glass sliding doors is underlying this trapezoid house plans so that it makes the exterior are not polished with any kind of paint tone. Because of the raw appearance outside, this house looks very simple and minimalist. When people see the taper building corner, they can see the divergent aspect of this house. Yes, this building is creating excrescent thing above the finite building. It is facing green courtyard ahead which giving the fresh and enliven feel. It is true that this house is not soft in texture and cover, but this house is trying to shows it best as the other houses.

The deep side combines strong and modern design and decoration. It can be seen from the white wall color adjacent with grey concrete wall. The ceiling looks strong and rigid, because it is made of grout in light grey color. Some fluorescent pendant lamp and it is look like a semi-finished building. Along the wall, there are many poster and photo and it is displayed and showed as an indoor exhibit. The house has small opened roof to make the sunlight brighten the grey atmosphere inside. There are also applied some lime yellow appliances inside and they gave glow tone among the grey toning. Glass also uses for glass sliding doors as the main entrance on the ground floor. The two-story parts connected with black steel staircase.

Stark and numb shaped is not merely usual and not attractive to see. It shows strong and brave themes to people. It is not bad when you deciding to build a stark and curt house even with semi-finished decoration and raw polish. As you can see in this trapezoid house design with its glass sliding doors which is lend some light hue to flash and enliven the color and atmosphere.

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